About Concert Fidelity

Concert Fidelity electronics are designed and built by hand in Japan in the best artisan traditions of that country--with a perfectionist’s fanatic attention to detail and a purist’s pursuit of optimized simplicity as the means of achieving the most musically profound results.

Ironically, achieving Concert Fidelity’s level of circuit optimization and simplification requires a deeper understanding of audio circuits—what is essential versus what is best eliminated—than does implementing complex circuits which contain numerous compensatory components, but once our “profoundly simple” designs are heard, it is difficult to go back to more complex amplifiers with their colorations and limitations. 

The sound of the best tube electronics should be that of the tubes themselves, and our linestage and power amplifiers reveal tube differences to a greater degree than we have ever heard elsewhere.  This is the true meaning of “transparency,” allowing the source material to be revealed in all its emotionally involving glory, without hi-fi hype, artificial warmth, muddiness, distortion, or glare.

Concert Fidelity goes to perfectionist and costly extremes in design and manufacture because we feel that discriminating customers will notice the subtle design touches and will readily hear the difference they make in expressive nuance and musical enjoyment.

Our extremely optimized and simplified circuits, innovative and perfectionist layout techniques, carefully specified parts, and custom transformers which may be the world’s best, allow you to hear transient speed and low-frequency extension akin to solid state along with purity, delicacy, and musicality akin to single-ended triodes.  With our electronics, you will hear, without analyzing or consciously listening for,

  • Superior resolution of harmonic complexity
  • Superior microdynamic expression
  • Superior transient speed for resolving rhythmic nuances
  • Superior extension and speed in low frequencies
  • Superior resolution of complex musical textures
  • Superior resolution of soundstage details, along with better presence of individual images




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